With deep knowledge of the insurance landscape, a comprehensive claims database, and analytics to derive insights from data, our Workers’ Compensation Services Division (WCSD) can help you reduce your total cost of risk.

The workers’ compensation environment is growing increasingly complex and challenging as new issues continue to arise. Prescription drugs, marijuana legalization, an aging workforce, and a stream of legal and regulatory changes are all contributing to more complex workers’ compensation claims and higher costs.

M.D. Manouel’s Workers’ Compensation Services Division (WCSD) can help you address these challenges and more effectively manage your workers’ compensation costs. Through our holistic and integrated approach to driving down casualty total cost of risk, we deliver the full spectrum of our workers’ compensation offerings. These include:

  • Optimal program design, execution, and placement.
  • Advanced analytics and modeling.
  • Pre- and post-loss strategies.
  • Claims management and advocacy.

By combining proprietary data analytics and knowledge of the marketplace, we can help you improve and differentiate your risk profile, stay current on workers’ compensation issues, and reduce your total cost of risk.